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Business success has it’s challenges and you need a scalable web host that grows with you all the way.  With websites getting hacked into every day on most hosts, we take exceptional measures to manage your WordPress security and keep it free of malicious code.  We also maintain advanced back up services to get you quickly running again if anything should go wrong.

Let it Breathe

Most web hosts cram thousands of websites onto a single server. We make sure your site has more room to breathe so there are plenty of available connections.  Your visitors can get into your website rapidly: EVEN during peak surfing hours.

We love growth websites.

Typical webhosts make their money by hosting hundreds of thousands of NON-growth websites.  This type of approach might be fine for traditional businesses that don't depend on the web for their income.

Any sites that break out of that limiting business model and have potential to receive 1000's of visitors are either shut down as being "abusers" or are offered a much higher cost solution which pays the webhost but does't really help your website grow.

But website speed even affects local businesses.  If your local mechanic or sushi restaurant down the street has a faster loading website, Google will show their website above yours.

Advance Web Spaces provides affordable, managed highly-scalable solutions to every customer.  We want you to be ready and positioned for rapid growth.

Faster = Success

Having a fast loading website means you get to take the most advantage of the brief 5-10 second window of opportunity that you have before most visitors hit the dreaded "back" button on their web browser.  If you depend on clicks from Google they reward faster websites with a better user quality score, higher search engine rankings and a lower cost per click.

How do we make it faster?

On the server we increase the number of available connections so more people can get in during peak surfing hours.  We also put far less websites on one server than mass hosting companies.

We use Open LiteSpeed which consumes dramatically less memory and can handle more than four times more requests per second when compared to Apache server used on most web hosts.

Next we optimize the way PHP performs and other modules that come with the web server software.

At the time you move your website to Advance Web Spaces we do a thorough check to optimize your database functioning and remove malicious code that might be slowing things down.

Secure Backups

Sometimes an unproven plugin or updates to popular website themes can cause the entire website to go offline.  Our advanced backup system maintains extra backups on a separate server so we can restore the working copy and life can go on.

What can go wrong?

24/7 miniature "bots" use various methods of injecting malicious code into normal websites.  You might be diligent enough to keep your CMS, themes and plugins updated to the latest secure versions while someone else who is hosted on the same server may not.  Once one of the sites finally gets compromised all may be affected.

Another scenario is that you are using premium themes and plugins to add special features to your website.  Even though these may be established and used on thousands of websites: one day their developer pushes out an update.  Suddenly everything looks messed up.

Having a strong backup strategy can save the day by getting you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Denial of Service Attacks.

Sometimes success has its price when hackers send false requests to overwhelm your server resulting in a crash or slowing performance.

When this happens Advance Web Spaces uses multiple strategies to absorb the load and keep you going as normal.


When someone legit messages you through one of your sites or webforms it always gets through to you when your website is hosted at Advance Web Spaces.

Our Partner Mail baby automatic prevents delivery of spam messages and virus’s.

Got Mail?

Our partner Mail baby has built a global network of high reputation mail servers to ensure your emails will always get delivered. MailBaby will deal with IP reputation, so you don’t have to.

When You Need Help

Reach your rep by text message from your phone and receive a personal HUMAN response usually within minutes.  We get it handled for you so you can take care of what matters to you.

Can somebody please help me?

When you contact tech support at most webhosts you are basically communicating with an untrained receptionist.  They lead you through a preset Line of Questions (LOQ) and often seem to have no idea what you are talking about.  It is almost impossible to get through to the folks who actually manage the servers.

If something goes wrong it is almost always "your fault."  Or "we are unable to reproduce this error." The web host takes zero responsibility.

With Advance Web Spaces you can text your expert rep right from your phone and typically get a friendly call-back within minutes.  We listen and UNDERSTAND what is going on so that we can offer the correct solution right away without forcing you to jump through numerous frustrating hoops.  Then we are on it!  You get updates until everything is good to go!

Aggressive Malware Prevention

Our scanners regularly check for malicious code and safely remove it from your website's files.  Our team is available help restore it back to working order if your site has been damaged.

Why do I need this?

There are many in-roads hackers use to get access to your website's source code.  These include false registrations and fake comments.  The result can be thousands of bogus files on your website and eventually an entire hijack of your website.

What is the purpose of these attacks?  It can often be to insert phishing content that aims to steal financial information from your visitors.  Sometimes an entire illigitimate website gets hidden among the files of your own site.

What are the consequences?  Causing potential damage to your unsuspecting intended visitors and loss-of-trust with Google as being a safe site to visit.  Compromised websites get flagged by Google and there is a process to redeem your standing once the site has been cleared.

Start Fresh

Give Your WordPress Website a Speed Tune-up & Malware Clean-up when You Move to Advance Web Spaces.

Our servers are faster than most to begin with.  But many websites also have internal issues that cause them to load slower than necessary.  We optimize your site for faster performance at the time we move you over.

Included with the setup cost we insure that your website starts its new life clean from electronic infections.

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Customer Testimonials

We have taken our website to levels we didn’t expect.  If you need prompt troubleshooting expertise & want to feel like your business is protected: we cannot say enough about the attention & support we have received at Advance Web Spaces.

Candice & Candice

Moms & Entrepreneurs,

I've been with Advance Web Spaces for more than 10 years now. They are very responsive & always thinking of ways to improve the reliability of my website so that I don't need to worry about that.
Always great service.
Joe Cassavaugh

Clutter Game Developer,

Advance Web Spaces has been hosting my website for over 3 years. My site was only down once in the three years & the situation was fixed immediately.  They are a pleasure to work with and have always been available when I've had questions.

Nancy Trembly

Author of The Hatman Book,

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let's see how satisfying it is to grow your business on a solid web host.  We give you a whole month to get comfortable and another month to enjoy the speed and stability.  Then if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money: No Questions Asked!