A VPS or “Virtual Private Server” is like having a private condo with it’s own bathroom and kitchen. Shared hosting is like a giant dormitory with thousands of sites sharing common facilities.

The problem with thousands of websites sharing the same facilities is that if just one of them leaves the front door unlocked other sites can be affected by hackers.

In fact since many web hosts put upwards of 70,000 sites on a single server: literally all of them can have their legitimate content replaced with malicious code in a single hacking attempt.

Unfortunately regular web hosts never take responsibility for these situations.

So you think getting a VPS for your site could be a good idea?

Not all VPS servers are equal.  Many times they are put on overloaded hardware and software is not set up to handle lots of connections.  So you could be paying more but it doesn’t go any faster.

Basic Virtual Private Servers come with nothing but the basic server software so you have to hire your own system adminitsrator to run it.

On the other hand a Managed VPS comes with staff provided by the hosting company to run it.

If your web host specializes in your type of website they may be able to implement additional enhancements to improve the security and performance.



I like helping people actualize their vision.  For me it began with starting one of the first high traffic web hosting services back in 1998.  Since then I have also worked with game changers to articulate their message in ways that can be more easily assimilated by their audience. David Cruz