Why Do I need This?

With the majority of new websites being built on WordPress hackers have found many ways to infiltrate this platform.

A strong managed WordPress hosting service takes measures to insure that your site is protected so you can focus on your business without worries.

This includes the ability to scan your website files for malware and having a trained technician remove the corrupted material without killing your website.

Additionally other things might go wrong if you update your theme or add a bad plugin.  In these cases it’s important to keep backups of your website so that a good copy can be restored if the site has become corrupted.

If your website gets destroyed for any reason: regular NON-managed web hosts will simply blame you and say that helping you is outside of the scope of their services.   Their regular support staff are not trained with regards to the intricacies of WordPress.

It is literally very easy to lose three years of work like this.

The other thing is that Google delists websites that contain malware to protect their users.  They place a warning over infected websites.  It’s important to keep your site clean in order to maintain a trusted reputation with your visitors.

Also WordPress can run very fast if it is properly managed at the site level as well as the server it is on.

Most webhosts put thousands of sites on each server and limit the number of available connections even if you order a more expensive hosting plan.  This results in a slow-loading website during peak web traffic hours.   Users typically hit the back button after a few seconds of waiting for a page to load.

Google downgrades the quality score of slow loading websites for providing a poor user experience.  This results in lower search engine rankings and a higher cost per click for Google advertisers.



I like helping people actualize their vision.  For me it began with starting one of the first high traffic web hosting services back in 1998.  Since then I have also worked with game changers to articulate their message in ways that can be more easily assimilated by their audience. David Cruz